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These podcasts... are the obituaries to all the Hers I’ve ever been, and all the daily ways I’ve died. They are all the things I never said. They are my love letters to the souls of your feet, the knots in your stomach, the purr of the creation-tiger and all the ways you’ve tried to tame her. They are the works-in-progress of my blood, the stories I want to bypass your brain, the words I want you to feel in your bones. They are the dripping wet, silken threads webbing the space between womb and succulent cosmos. They are my love notes. Welcome, stranger. — Follow my journey in real time, subscribe to my newsletter, buy my poetry book (the completely uncensored versions that you can't find on my website!) or just perv on what I'm creating on Subscribe to the podcast for more spoken word and poetry straight out of Planet Zozo!

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Monday Aug 03, 2020

How weird is timing? I recently re-found a piece of writing I wrote a year after setting off on my Europe trip in 2014. It was... everything. I was 22 and stupid and finally done with my degree and itching out of my skin.   A year ago, I set sail.*This piece was written in 2015 and was recently dug up from a hard drive, begging to be shared.   Find more at

Saturday May 30, 2020

Okay full disclosure, this is one of those days where I'm fully in tune with the anger of a million generations of women. You've been warned. 

Thursday May 07, 2020

Ahh, is there anything like a little retrograde to shine a mirror up to all the places you’ve been kidding yourself into believing you’ve been working hard on but maybe you’ve been letting some bad habits slide for a little too long? I feel like I’m being tested in every area of my life. Some parts are flowing easily and I’m passing with flying colours, but some parts are HARD and I’m reminded how far I have to go.

Monday May 04, 2020

As many of you know, this year I’ve been wrapping myself in personal development and the healing of old wounds like a caterpillar in a chrysalis about to start dissolving into gut soup in order to rebuild.  I always thought caterpillars kind of just grew wings in their cocooned winters. Nope. Gut soup and total reassembly.

Friday May 01, 2020

I’m learning how writing can turn my scorched earth into disco-dancing wildflowers.  I’m learning how to build nests for imminent phoenixes circling like storms, or symphonies.  I’m learning how to die, everyday, and dance with my devils around every fresh tombstone like an ancestor appearing in the flames of a million campfires. 

Wednesday Apr 29, 2020

The last ten days have expertly sliced me in half, scooped out my insides, sloshed them around in a blender, poured them back in and then sewn me up again. I feel so different, but so calm. Home.

Monday Apr 27, 2020

This time last year, I started sending out newsletters full of love notes and poetry. They followed my journey of healing, and now I'm being called to reflect and speak life into them. To continue the path.

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